June Feature: Whiskey Cake

At Whiskey Cake we are known for serving up tasty farm-to-kitchen cuisine and cocktails out of our ‘from scratch only’ kitchen and bar. Delicious and unique flavors are ensured by our slow-cooking methods. With locations in Plano, Katy, Friendswood, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Las Colinas, and different event venues at each one, we know we have the perfect venue to host your next event. 

Community High-Tops: Plano, Katy, Friendswood, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Las Colinas

The High-Top tables are a staple at Whiskey Cake. Located right in the action, you and your guests are truly immersed in the Whiskey Cake Culture. The Community High-Tops are perfect for happy hours, and, depending on location, can accommodate 40 to 60 guests. 

The Pen: Plano, Katy, Friendswood, Oklahoma City, and Las Colinas

The Pen at Whiskey Cake provides an enclosed private space full of rustic comfort. Depending on location, The Pen can accommodate up to 50 to 70 guests. 

Angel Share: Plano

Angel Share is perfect for inmate boardroom-style events. This space can accommodate up to 24 guests. Nobody said you couldn’t have good food and service during your meeting! 

Barrel Proof: Plano

The Barrel Proof is semi-private and can accommodate up to 40 guests. Barrel Proof is perfect for social gatherings and celebrations. 

Front Burner - June 1-4.png

Beer Garden Patio (West): Plano

Enjoy the Texas summer breeze our on the Beer Garden Patio (West). While connecting you to nature, this space allows you to enjoy good food in the company of friends with a fantastic atmosphere. This space can accommodate up to 30 guests. 

East Patio: Plano

The versatile East Patio can be used open air or enclosed. This space can accommodate up to 40 guests. 

Front Burner - June 1-6.png

Patio: Las Colinas

The versatile Patio at Las Colinas can be used either open air or enclosed. You and your guests will enjoy the hammock seats and outdoor fireplace. This large patio can accommodate up to 80 guests. 

Front Burner - June 1-7.jpeg

No matter the occasion, Whiskey Cake has an event space for you. Whether you are looking to host a corporate gathering or a nice family dinner, Front Burner Group Dining is here to serve you! Contact us to book today!