Celebrate Graduation with Front Burner

Graduation is just around the corner, have you booked your graduate’s lunch or dinner yet? So often you do not get to speak to the graduate at the actual graduation, hosting a lunch or dinner before or after the graduation is a great way to allow friends and family to celebrate and actually interact with the graduate. If you have not yet booked lunch or dinner, do not worry, Front Burner Group Dining has you covered.

Ida Claire - Private Airstream - up to 12 guests

Ida Claire - South of Ordinary is known for their intriguing southern-inspired food. For a more intimate lunch or dinner for a special graduate, Ida Claire’s Private Airstream is the perfect fit. The Airstream was custom made just for Ida Claire as she was traveling around the world. The Private Airstream give you and your guests a funky and psychedelic dining experience. The high-end plush interior boasts both heating and cooling, so no need to worry about the weather! 

Mexican Sugar - Fireplace Room - up to 40 guests

Mexican Sugar redefines Mexican food for the Tex-Mex lover. Local ingredients, fresh fish, and a live wood-grill come together to give you an entirely homemade menu. The Fireplace Room offers a cozy and intimate ambiance for your guests. Three wall-mounted fireplaces and heavy velvet curtains adorn this room and create your own private haven. If your graduate is a Tex-Mex lover, this one is for you. 

Front Burner - April 2-2.png

Sixty Vines - Green House - up to 80 guests 

Sixty Vines invites you to enjoy a new attitude about wine culture with cuisine inspired by the wine country. For a truly unique dining experience Sixty Vine’s Green House truly embodies the wine country feel and ambiance. The Green House is glass-enclosed and climate controlled. Natural light fills the space during the day, and the night ambiance is created with cafe lighting and a rustic fireplace. Separate from the main dining room, the Green House ensures complete privacy for you, your graduate, and your guests. 

With eight different restaurant with multiple event spaces at each, we know we have the venue for you. Delight your guests with incredible cuisine, a unique atmosphere and fantastic service. Book with Front Burner Group Dining today!