April Feature: Haywire

Haywire takes Texas dining to a completely new level. The cuisine is hearty enough for a ranch hand, and the design is refined for the business man or woman. Haywire is Front Burner Group Dining’s tried-and-true Texas experience with an urban refresh. It’s Texas experience make it an excellent location to take out of town guests, colleagues, and even local friends. 

Private Airstream - up to 15 guests

Custom made in Quebec and imported to Dallas, Haywire’s Private Airstream gives guests an unique Marfa-like ‘glamping’ experience. Located on the third-floor rooftop deck, the Private Airstream has excellent views. This space is perfect for small parties. 

Private Dining Room - up to 50 guests

Spacious, exclusive, and high-end are just a few words that describe Haywire’s Private Dining Room. Located on the second floor, this space is perfect for corporate meetings, holiday parties, or rehearsal dinners. When the room’s large modern barnyard door is closed a fabulous view into the glass-enclosed wine room is revealed. 

Rooftop Lounge - up to 15 guests

The intimate rooftop lounge allows you and your guest to relax while cozying up with some of the best whiskey selection in town. Equipped with fireplace and televisions, this space is perfect for unwinding, enjoying each other’s company, and watching the big game. 

Rooftop Deck - up to 75 guests

Gather your friends, light that special cigar you’ve been saving, and make it a party on Haywire’s semi-private cigar friendly Rooftop Deck. The Rooftop Deck includes the relaxing Rooftop Lounge. With plenty of space Haywire’s Rooftop Lounge is perfect for any kind of party.

Whiskey Lounge - up to 50 guests

Located on the first floor of Haywire, the Whiskey Lounge is perfect for mixing and mingling, happy hours, or cocktail parties. This Modern Texas Chic lounge is great for relaxing and enjoying the company of other while sitting by the tallest fireplace in town. 

When choosing a location for your next event, you cannot go wrong with Haywire! Contact us to book today!