Monthly Feature: Legacy Hall

Legacy Hall gives you a completely new, unique, and unforgettable dining experience. Your guests will enjoy Legacy Hall’s craft brewery, 22 artisanal food stalls, half a dozen bars, beer garden, and live entertainment. 

At Legacy Hall you will find four fantastic spaces to ensure your guests have an incredible time: The 2nd Floor Reserved Area, the Outdoor Terraces, the 3rd Floor Tap Room, and The Box Garden. 

2nd Floor Tap Room - Parties up to 100

The 2nd Floor Tap Room is semi-private and immerses your guests into the Heart of the Hall. This area is infused with natural light and breathtaking sunset views. This roped-off area gives your guests a unique location for group dining and happy hours. Your guests can enjoy a Hall Pass to experience the brewery above and the food stalls below. 

Front Burner - Oct 1-1.png

Outdoor Terraces - Parties of 25 to 150

The semi-private Outdoor Terraces are perched high and above so guests can view all the action. Your guests will enjoy the optional hosted bar and lounge seating areas while enjoying the entertainment in the Box Garden. This area is perfect for happy hours, group dining, or personal gatherings. 

3rd Floor Tap Room - Parties of 75 to 200

The 3rd Floor Tap Room is completely private. It’s High End, High Energy, and has High Expectations. You cannot choose wrong with this industrial space. The 3rd Floor Tap Room is embedded within our in-house working Brewery and features its own private bar. Your guests will enjoy the space that spans both indoors and outdoors with a gorgeous terrace overlooking the Box Garden venue. 

Front Burner - Oct 1-3.png

The Box Garden - Parties up to 1,500

The Box Garden is part Beer Garden, part Concert Hall, and the Ultimate Patio Experience. If you are looking for a unique location for a large corporate party, look no further! Built mostly out of reclaimed shipping containers with a 600 square foot event stage, your guests will be attending a party they will not easily forget. 

If you are looking for a venue that is truly unique, look no further than Legacy Hall! Their unique food hall experience, Box Garden, craft beer, and service will wow your guests and more! Book today!