Call Your Girls, Meet Them at Sixty Vines

Tired? Stressed? Need a night out with your girls? Then take the initiative! It’s time to host the ultimate girls’ night at Front Burner Group Dining’s Sixty Vines!

Sixty Vines invites you and your friends to enjoy a new attitude about wine culture. The food at Sixty Vines is inspired by the wine country with an open kitchen to allow you to enjoy every aspect of your experience. Enjoy wine on tap that is perfectly selected to compliment the dish of your choice. 

High Top Tables

If you want to immerse yourself in the restaurant atmosphere, the semi-private High Top Tables are perfect for your night! The High Top Tables are perfectly situated in their own nook of the restaurant to give you plenty of privacy while also giving you access to the open kitchen and Sixty Vines dining experience. The space has a complimentary plasma screen television. Make your girls night an appetizer reception with Sixty Vine’s wine country cuisine inspired appetizer menu. 

Front Burner - March 2-1.png

Terrace Room

The private Terrace Room is infused with natural light and custom furnishings that pay homage to Sixty Vine’s Napa Valley roots. This versatile room is perfect for a lively girls night, and can also be used for an intimate dinner. The Terrace Room adjourns the outdoor patio where a rustic fire place is calling for you and your friends to enjoy a nighttime glass of wine under the stars. Appetizer Receptions and Plated menus are available with custom wine pairings. 

Green House

The Sixty Vines Green House fully embodies the wine country ambiance and feel. You are sure to forget you aren’t in Napa or Tuscany while enjoying your friends here. The Green House is climate controlled and has natural light during the day and a softer ambiance in the evening. The Green House is completely separate from the main building to ensure complete privacy for you and your guests. Appetizer Receptions and Plated menus are available with custom wine pairings. 

Front Burner - March 2-3.png

You know you need a girls night, so what’s stopping you? With any of these three spaces you are sure to wow your friends while ensuring an amazing stress-free evening. Contact us today!